Medical and Paramedical Team

A team of professionals is at your service providing a response adapted to your needs 7 days / 7, 24H / 24 with a fleet adapted to each situation.

Our team is composed of:

Regulators, who receive, plan and monitor the progress of scheduled or urgent interventions.

Competent and experienced Medical specialists (emergency and anesthetists) are available and trained to carry out any type of intervention.

A paramedical team composed of nurses, nurses and paramedics trained internally to the specificities of medical transport, having several experiences in hospital emergency services (SMUR) and anesthesia and resuscitation and which provide care and supervision Of patients during transportation with equipment and vehicles that comply with regulatory requirements.

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Career with us:

You can join our team; At Taysir Assistance, we work every day to reach – or even surpass – our goal, to become the most competent healthcare provider. Every day brings us new discoveries and new challenges.

We are proud of our work environment which is very welcoming, and favorable for more training and know-how.

As an employee at Taysir Assistance,:

You would meet amazing and inspiring people every day.
You will enjoy your true potential.
You will develop your existing skills while discovering new skills.
You will find satisfaction every day of work. At Taysir Assistance we are always interested in attracting professionals to our company and ready to consider all offers interesting. You can send your curriculum vitae only by e-mail with the remark “HR Department”.

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