Accreditation, Quality Management System (ISO) ISO 9001


The Ministerial Accreditation Commission for Ambulance Services (MCAAS) was created to promote the quality of patient care in the Tunisian medical transport system.
Taysir Ambulance received this accreditation in 2010 and continues to be the best ambulance service in Tunisia. Patients and clients can be confident that Taysir Ambulance offers the best quality of out-of-hospital care and transportation possible.

We are constantly investing in high-end equipment,

Accreditation means that the ambulance service you choose has met the “gold standard” set by the ambulance industry. These standards in many cases exceed those established by local or international regulations.

Taysir Assistance

We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001: (DQS)

Taysir Assistance is ISO9001 certified by DQS:

We decided to focus our quality policy on the development, implementation and continuous improvement of a quality management system.
This policy will allow us to manage our business and achieve our goals that have been brought into compliance with our quality process.
We focus our quality policy on:
• Continuous improvement of the quality of our services, comfort and satisfaction of our customers.
• The development and growth of the company.
• Continued improvement of staff skills and working conditions.

We are committed to ensuring the implementation of this policy. To this end, we manage all the quality management of the system.
We put in place the processes necessary to identify, acquire, manage and improve the human and material resources necessary for the operation of our quality management system and to maintain a working environment conducive to the execution of our business, Hygiene and comfort for our patients.

We promised to take care… and delivered

Taysir Assistance