Sites of drilling and exploration of oil companies

TAYSIR ASSISTANCE is a medical team specialized in emergencies and transport of patients.

Medical transport with intensive care and resuscitation on board is our strong point.


  • We have put our experience and know-how to extend our activity on drilling and prospecting sites of oil companies. For this we have enriched our park by three ambulances 4×4 entirely medicalized subordinated by a 9×4 car for the transport of medical personnel on different sites.

Change of the medical team every 15 days … Transport assured at our charge

  • The availability of three 4×4 ambulances (2 Toyota L105, a Mitsubishi Pajero) fully equipped working in synchronous ready for all emergency contingencies And emergency transport for several people at the same time:
  • Emergency medical transport (complete monitoring, defibrillator, oxygen therapy, ventilator, medication and sedation on board) under the responsibility of a resuscitator.
  • Orthopedic transport: Pick-up stretcher, shell mattress, splints …
  • Our team is responsible for coordinating with hospitals and private clinics to manage serious accidents and the routing of emergency patients to the nearest clinic or hospital.



  • Distribution of tasks: change of work team every 15 days ..
  • Ensure a daily medical consultation for all staff, for a period of two weeks on site.
  • Provide medical follow-up for patients with chronic pathologies and refer patients for specialized explorations or supplements in case of need
  • Daily centralization of a medical report to Taysir Assistance medical staff and to the management of the site.
  • Provide medical transportation to a specialized hospital facility (private or public) for urgent cases, in collaboration with the physician responsible for Taysir Assistance .
  • Authorization of absences and sick leave.
  • Ensure the medical examination for new workers on site, verify the physical and mental fitness of the staff and ensure the absence of contagious diseases.
  • Keep track of the stock of drugs and consumables at the clinic’s pharmacy and monitor their expiration dates.
  • Prepare orders for medicines and supplies and send them to Taysir Assistance medical staff to validate them.
  • Daily hygiene control throughout the camp (rooms, outside, kitchen, restaurant, shops …) in order to ensure compliance with hygiene, safety and hygiene rules. Conservation of food products, and make a supervisory report that reports all controlled locations and the various defects to be corrected.
  • The supervision of the refueling of the site by the various foods (meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits …) and their preservation in the various fridges and refrigerators.
  • Weekly supervision of the general operational safety of all activities at the production and drilling sites, in collaboration with the site’s HSE manager, and submit a supervisory report indicating the various defects to be corrected
  • Promote health education of employees and ensure training sessions on first aid gestures with emergency exercises for site staff in collaboration with the site safety officer.
  • Ensure a good handover of medical records and the status of medicines from the pharmacy of the clinic as well as the various reports made during the entire period spent on site, for the doctor who will take over.




  1. At the drilling site


  1. a)Number of ambulances

– The availability of 3 ambulances 4×4 (2 Toyota L105, one MB Pajero) fully equipped working in synchronous ready for all emergency contingencies And emergency transport for several people at the same time.

– Placed on one or several oil sites according to your needs

  1. b)Equipment for ambulances

The three 4×4 ambulances are each equipped with a new medical device which includes

  • A comprehensive oxygen therapy system
  • A fan
  • A multiparametric monitor with resuscitation defibrillator.
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A mattress shell for evacuation of orthopedic cases.
  • Ultra lightweight stretcher.
  • A syringe shoot.
  • An emergency bag for drugs and consumables.


  1. c)Doctors and Drivers

Each ambulance is placed under the control of a doctor.

One physician for each oil site; whose daily tasks are precise and detailed (see .Description of how requirements will be met) and is always in contact with the doctors coordinators of the base.

One ambulance driver for each ambulance


  1. Technical tray at Taysir Assistance Headquarters

–  A technical platform composed by a staff taking all calls and emails, open 24/24 and 7/7

– A regulating physician in contact with the three teams set up on the different sites

– Two large ambulances type A completely medicalized with a medical resuscitator and nurses to meet all requests for evacuation, repatriation or hospitalization to the public hospital or a private clinic.


  1. Change of team:

– There is a change of the team working on the sites every two weeks.

– Transfers are made on the 15th and the 1st er of each month

– A new team of three other doctors and three drivers will replace the previous one.

– A 4×4 car (9 seats) is provided by our company for this bi-monthly transfer




Emergency physicians

Regulating physicians: 24/7 relay at the Taysir base.


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